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Happy, Healthy Easter from Lifestyle Chiropractic!

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From all of us here at Lifestyle Chiropractic, Happy Easter! Here are some fun ways to remain active and healthy this weekend.

Easter weekend is here and so are the warmer temperatures we have all been waiting for. Between now and Sunday, we will all be abuzz with baking, cooking, shopping and hosting. With all of this going on, it is easy to stick to your routine from years’ past and your go-to treats when it comes to Easter eve. Stashing eggs around the house and yard plus choosing basket goodies can begin to feel redundant, especially if you’re relying on the candy aisle to do all the choosing for you. This year, opt for some candy-free basket and egg options, as well as some games to keep everyone active this Sunday.


Instead of opting for a basket consisting solely of candy (again, this is too easy to do!), reach for small items that encourage outdoor fun. With spring finally here, it’s time to explore all the activities available to your kids outside of the house. Reach for a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, bubbles or a water bottle to place in the basket. You can also use the Easter basket as an opportunity to reintroduce some classic games: try a deck of cards, jacks, marbles or a logic puzzle! If you’re really looking to go in the opposite direction of your sugary options, buy an electric toothbrush to place in the basket as well. Kids love these and it helps make brushing fun.

You don’t need to steer clear entirely from sugar (moderation is key), but if you’re going to place any treats in the basket, you may as well make them semi-healthy! Opt for chocolate covered strawberries or bananas, or even dark chocolate covered almonds or mixed nuts.

Egg Hunt

Use the thrill of the egg hunt to your advantage; it doesn’t have to always be about candy. Instead of putting fun size bars in the eggs, try these options:

  • Coins. Place a coin in each egg and stash plenty around the house and yard. Set the kids loose to collect as many as they can. Once the game is over, have them count their coins and let them choose a prize in their “price range.” The prizes can be anything you want; a treat, a toy or even letting them go first in a different game or get to choose the next group activity! To mix it up, place different coins in each egg. This is especially good for your kids who are still learning to add and subtract money amounts.
  • Clues. Write clues in each egg that encourage kids to find them in a specific order. Once each egg is opened, it will direct the child either forward or backward to the eggs that precede or follow. If this seems too complicated for your age group, simply write numbers in each egg so that the kids have to remember the order of the eggs. Whoever finds the last egg first wins a prize!
  • Challenges. Have the kids search in pairs and write a fun (or funny!) challenge on each egg (i.e. hop around the house on one foot). When they come to each egg, they have to complete the challenge before moving on. Whoever does all the challenges first, wins!

These games aren’t limited to kids! Encourage adults to participate and even put together an “adult” Easter basket – think candles, a gift card, gourmet chocolate covered strawberries, you name it. Adult games can range from egg hunts to egg toss and even “Egg Basketball” – place containers at varying distances apart and choose teams. The team who can toss the most plastic eggs into each container wins.

Fun activities such as the ones listed above may seem energy or time-consuming, but trust me, they’re worth it. Games help to lighten the mood between family members of all ages and give everyone some much needed fresh air. It also helps us all tap into our more playful, competitive sides, something we could all use a little of now and then. This Easter, do your best to stay active, have fun and experience closeness with family and friends.


Best of health,

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