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Gaining Weight to Stay Healthy

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Most of the diet trends these days are aimed at losing weight and then (sometimes) maintaining your “goal” body. But what if your doctor tells you that you need to put on a few pounds to stay healthy? While most people think that gaining weight is easy (and almost unintentional!) doing it correctly can be challenging. It’s not just about eating whatever you want–it’s about eating what you need.

For aging individuals, weight loss is very common and can be concerning. Weight loss can be associated with the loss of a loved one, recent loss of independence, recent hospitalization, depression or overactive thyroid. If you or a close friend / family member is experiencing weight loss, there are ways to help!

Here’s what to do:

Reach for foods that pack the most nutrients per serving. This is not really based on calories and here’s why: a slice of white bread and slice of wheat bread both are 70 calories, but the wheat bread offers four times the amount of potassium and magnesium and three times the zinc. So, start by making healthy choices! Wheat bread and pasta over white, plus whole foods over processed whenever possible.

Eat multiple small meals throughout the day. Don’t just save all your food for one meal, like dinnertime, thinking it will do the trick. Try to eat as balanced as possible, like oatmeal with berries and nuts in the morning, pasta with lean protein in the afternoon, fish and veggies in the evening, and then wholesome snacks in between.

Drink your protein. Most protein drinks are an easy snack throughout the day. Be label conscious, however: look for drinks that have at least 10-20 grams of protein per 8oz serving and buy the ones with the least amount of sugar. Sip them alone or blend them with frozen or fresh fruit for added benefit!

Stick with it. Old habits can die hard, and if you or your loved one is forgetting to eat or is frustrated with lack of progress, hang in there! Results can take time, but if you stick to wholesome, healthy foods all throughout the day, you can get your weight back!

By maintaining a healthy weight throughout all stages of your life, you can keep doing all the things that you love: exercising, traveling, being social and active, all while staying injury-free.

I’d be happy to help you customize some eating plans and helping you work toward your ideal weight!

Best of health,

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