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29May, 2019

Yes, Processed Foods Really Are That Bad (New Study Shows!)

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No matter the diet trend, there always seems to be one rule at the foundation of healthy eating: no processed foods. A recent study at the University of North Carolina discovered that this is indeed the golden rule of healthy eating. A team of researchers enlisted 20 adults (10 men, 10 women) to stay at the National Institutes of Health for two weeks and either eat a diet of whole foods or a diet of only ultra-processed foods. By the end of the test, the group that ate only processed […]

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1May, 2019

Chiropractic Care Emerges as “Front Line” Treatment Ahead of Opioids

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The Yale School of Medicine at Yale University conducted a study involving chiropractic care and the opioid crisis. Their findings (presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine 2019 Annual Meeting) were startling: “Chiropractic care today is contributing toward an almost 50% reduction in opioid prescriptions issued in the United States.” This percentage is in comparison to other individuals who sought care from other, non-chiropractor healthcare providers. Conditions such as lower back pain and osteoarthritis of the hips, knees and hands are typically treated with opioids. However, chiropractors provide many […]

23Apr, 2019

Take a Moment to Meditate

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The practice of meditation has been around for what seems like forever. It’s such an ancient practice and has so saturated popular culture that it is sometimes considered a joke or a relic. In reality, it is as relevant as ever. Meditation is timeless because its effects continue to impress and baffle scientists and practitioners alike. The results of meditation are astounding: One study found that meditation training improves focus and attention for as long as five years after mindfulness practices. By sharpening our focus and paying more attention to […]

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28Feb, 2019

Food for Fuel

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There are many “diets” people can choose between nowadays, many of which are quite limiting and, in turn, intimidating. Severely restricting your food intake is downright scary for many of us, not to mention impractical. For many, sticking to a super strict diet isn’t feasible between work, parenting and household duties. If you find yourself distracted or discouraged by the many rules in the latest fad diets, it’s time to go back to the basic principle of nutrition: food is fuel. You should be thinking of food as a way […]

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2Aug, 2018

Chiropractic for High Blood Pressure

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In November 2017, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology released new guidelines for high blood pressure (also known as hypertension). The definition of high blood pressure has been lowered to 130/80 from 140/90 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). This means that more women will meet the criteria for stage 1 hypertension. Before you panic, let’s determine what exactly this means. Having higher blood pressure can put you at greater risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, eye disease and cognitive decline. The new guidelines indicate that […]

27Sep, 2017

Overuse in Youth Sports: What You Need to Know

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Youth sports are a lot more competitive and demanding than they used to be. While your child will certainly develop plenty of new skills and character developments through sports, it is important to be aware of any signs of injury, distress and syndromes that come from overactivity, overuse of specific muscles, or just from flat-out exhaustion. When I was growing up, it was common for kids to play three or even four sports over the course of the year: one sport per season. Over time, however, I have gradually observed […]