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10Aug, 2017

Keep Your Head Up (Literally)

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “keep your head up” or “keep your chin up,” meaning to maintain high spirits in the face of something difficult and to persevere. Well, guess what? It’s backed by science: maintaining erect posture (sitting up or standing straight, chin raised, shoulders back) actually helps your body respond to stress and manage your moods.  Many studies have been performed based on the hypothesis that muscular states relate to emotions, but these studies have mostly focused on facial expressions (smiling does make you happier, by the way!). […]

21Nov, 2016

Have a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving

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Many have spent the last several years assuming that it’s the tryptophan in Thanksgiving turkey that makes you feel sleepy. While tryptophan is indeed an amino acid that prompts the brain to produce more serotonin (a calming agent), there technically isn’t enough present in turkey to produce a sedative effect and tryptophan works best on an empty stomach, which typically isn’t the case on Thanksgiving day. So, what’s the real cause of your sluggish feeling on Thanksgiving? Overeating! The high carbohydrate consumption, alcohol intake and the sheer amount of calories (the average Thanksgiving meal is 3,000 calories) causes your […]

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6Aug, 2016

Yoga Mindset for Optimal Health

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It is widely accepted that a regular yoga practice has a multitude of health benefits, from helping soothe physical discomfort to alleviating emotional distress. I often praise and suggest the physical practice of yoga for my patients for these very reasons. What you may not realize, however, is that the practice of yoga extends far beyond the studio and off of the mat. Yoga, when applied to your well being as a whole, can revolutionize the way you view the world, yourself and your health goals. Of course, I recommend […]